Battlebard Games is a parents’ basement game development company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Thomas Cashman
Lead Developer

“I started programming at 10, made a few non-profit video games as a teenager and in university. I’m obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy video games, movies and books. I currently work as a Software Engineer. Growing up I was a Sega kid with my Sega MegaDrive 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog. Though my video game obsession began at age 6 when I first played Crash Bandicoot and was blown away by the 3D graphics and then spent the rest of my childhood reading game development books and designing games on paper.” - Thomas

David Doyle
Community Manager

“I, unfortunately, don’t program :(! I work as a Data Analyst and am a huge games fan. My earliest gaming memories are courtesy of my old Atari 2600, followed by my Commodore 64 and the usual path of consoles I followed throughout my childhood. I was a Nintendo kid back in the day, and still am at heart! Give me a controller, call me the hero of time, and I’ll be adventuring until 5am. No mom, I don’t want to go to bed!” - David

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